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July 9, 2007, 23:40
In 3.0.7, you could kill an item and mark it squelched from then on.

I suppose this was taken out in 3.0.8 because squelched items aren't necessarily killed. But it does mean that if I find a new scroll, and I want to squelch it, I now need to menu dive to mark it squelched. Much less convenient.

I haven't gotten far enough in the game yet, but I don't see it in the changelist so I'll make the request: It would be VERY nice if 'detect object/enchantment' did not show items that you marked as squelched.

July 12, 2007, 20:07
In 3.0.7, you could kill an item and mark it squelched from then on.


For the couple weeks I used version 3.07s3 I really enjoyed that feature also.

Would it be too much trouble to integrate that functionality into the current system?

I envision a problem being no direct tracking of squelch for individual items (ie, split for (item type|flavor) and (quality)

So if I want to squelch that 'Dagger of Acid (+5, +2) ' do I mean, squelch all weapons of Acid, or all daggers.. or only daggers of acid (AFAIK the current 3.08 system cannot handle that)

I might be able to tweak my squelch settings for not destroying or dropping daggers.

Other potentials... can I inscribe an item with a specific ego?

Perhaps in the future egos and flavors could be merged in some fashion, potentially reducing some code duplcation.

A potential problem with that is certian ego's having overlapping 'powers', like the (blessed) on items of *slay evil* and holy avenger, or the extra attacks on 'Extra Attacks, and 'Fury' weapons (correct me if I am wrong) So does the squelch then need to sort by indivdual powers?

I think that it is getting much too complex at this point. A solution is to make ego's powers not overlap. Perhaps only a few more powerful/deep egps could hold more than one 'power'. Say a multiple brand, etc. Or simply allow power stackings on artifacts.

Maybe multiple powers on an ego would work fine like this as long as redundancy of those powers between ego types was avoided. (This might allow for decent 'end-game' ego's and still allow integration of flavors and egos, for squelch easement)

July 28, 2007, 17:50
Thank you very much for adding the K command!

Your work is much appreciated.