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August 3, 2007, 12:05
One of the new features that has been bothering me is the command menu, because it is very easy to accidentally hit enter when navigating using the numeric keypad.

As such, I feel it should be easier to back out of. Currently, if you hit it accidentally, you have to head to the other side of the keyboard to the escape key to cancel.

I propose adding a "Back" option at the top of the menu and all sub-menus that simply has the same effect as escape.

As this would be the top item, all anyone accidentally hitting enter would have to do to back out would be to hit enter again.

Mainly a pet peeve, but I feel it would improve the interface a bit.

--Shanoah Alkire

August 3, 2007, 14:54
Once you've played for a while, you may find (I did) that menu diving just tends to slow you down, resulting in less and less need for it as you become more familiar with the command set. (You may have already reached this point, if you're a long time player.)

The best way I've found to deal with this (if you find that you don't use the menu regularly) is to use the macro menu to keymap the [Enter] key to a space character (" "). By keymapping it to a space, you'll never even see the pop-up command menu again. If you DO still use the menu, don't do this - it'll keep the menu from ever appearing, which will make you a sad panda. To my knowledge this breaks no other game functionality - if you find something that does break upon doing this, I would love to hear about it, preferably before I find out about it the hard way. ;)

Now, this doesn't address your feature request, but I'll leave that to the folks that actually update the features. I don't immediately see an obvious reason why that would be a bad feature to have.