View Full Version : When Nexus Works For You

May 3, 2009, 08:49
This is technically a During Adventure Report, but I'm amused enough to share this particular anecdote.

A little background - I used to mostly play spellcasters, on account of enjoying the magic. Recently, however, I discovered that by playing a high-Intelligence fighter and carefully choosing my magical items (wands and potions at low levels, rods and artifacts at high levels), I could have a lot of fun building a small, more manageable portfolio of relatively powerful abilities, all with a character with a lot more toughness and survivability at low levels than a wimpy Mage.

However, the relatively low starting Intelligence and low progression of the Magical Devices skill means that this strategy is occasionally unrewarding. The most powerful items remain beyond my ability to use them reliably... until a pack of Nexus hounds did me a favor.

Sure, the body-scrambling effect dropped me from 4 attacks per round to two... but only until I found a Potion of Strength. Now I'm back to 3, and 4 can't be far away. What they did give me, though, was an Intelligence of 18/10, and a Magic Device of Excellent. And I've got the gold to stock of on more Potions of Strength as they appear.

Thanks, Nexus! You might have screwed someone else, but I'm pretty pleased to be playing the character you gave me.