View Full Version : AngEdit - complementary project to JBand/Angband

May 29, 2009, 15:13
Don't worry, I haven't given up JBand already. :D

I'm considering using SQLite to replace text file / raw file use in Angband and/or JBand. Rather than dive straight into the task I've decided to familiarize myself with SQLite (and get some more practice with C) first and AngEdit was the idea I came up with.

The primary capabilities of AngEdit are intended to be
1. Import the edit/*.txt files into a pre-defined database structure.
2. Export from the database back to the series of edit/*.txt files.
3. Support user / developer editing of monster, item, etc. data.
4. Introduce basic "sanity checking" (check max limits vs records actually present, min/max values, missing fields, Morgoth must always be monster ###, etc.)

Editing the data will still be dangerous (as you are warned in the text files) but should be less dangerous than just firing up a text editor.

AngEdit development will take place alongside JBand (http://sourceforge.jp/projects/jband/) as it seems wasteful (and unnecessarily time consuming) to have a separate project just for a little utility.

(Oh, and I'm just going to link to Angband SVN (http://trac.rephial.org/browser/trunk) here. Copy this link to other web sites and help put Angband SVN on the (google) map! ;-)