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August 21, 2007, 16:14
I re-implemented my little patch from 1999 and now call it "Smart Movement".

It does make walking around in Angband much more comfortable, without bumping walls.
This makes it much more easy to use one hand on the keyboard or allows for much better handling while using the cursor-keys instead of the num-keys.
Exploring is easy and funny this way :)

It´s not easy to describe what it does - here what i wrote in the patch:

+ Smart Movement: Walk around obstacles
+ This is a hack to make movement more clever and convenient.
+ If you try to move diagonal but there is an
+ obstacle, this code tries to walk around that
+ obstacle:
+ It tries to drop either x- or y-movement, prefering
+ the last straight direction you took or x- over
+ y-movement.
+ If you move straight (in either x- or y-direction),
+ it tries to change that in a diagonal movement,
+ prefering the last general direction you took.
+ If that does'nt work, it tries to keep your desired
+ direction and make it diagonally the other way.
+ This way it's *fun* to walk around ...

This description does not realy fit ...

Please download and try it from here:

containing those files:


Or just apply it as patch via this file:

Use the following command on your angband-3.0.9 directory:

patch -p0 < SmartMove-3.0.9-patch.diff

It will be compiled in via the line "#define SMARTMOVE" in config.h but still allows to enable or disable it via option in the screen interface

It makes any Roguelike so much more fun to play :) :)
Please note, that this patch currently only works for Vanilla Angband 3.0.9

Have fun and please write here if you like it!

REALY, just give it a try!!!