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October 6, 2007, 10:52

In response to the Sticky thread about new idead there are some things I thought up (some inspired by DnD, some inspired by other variants):

New weapons: the Kama, the Khukiri
All monsters flee at aprox. the same time. You might include a random factor in that to make for brave and cowardly enemies;
In Zangband you have undergrond water and lava streams. It might be that they also are present in V, but they are quite rare in the lower levels (1-20).
The novice paladin has abilities that a novice pc paladin hasn't. Perhaps the paladin could have a low-level curse at his disposal.
Lots of arrows "dissapear" when shot, which seems strange to me. Perhaps they could be made "broken" and unusable?
I take it that the unique "Shrek, the Ogre" is out of the question? :)
A "history overview", like in some variants, that shows key levels reached, uniques killed and artifacts found - one that is also shown in the character dump.

Is there an archive of ideas that have been pondered and disucssed?



PS: Will try to put them on the wiki.

Big Al
October 6, 2007, 17:15
1. No idea what that is.
2. Could work, but it could getfrustrating to have to always go chasing down fleeing enemies all the time.
3. *shrug* if I wanted to play a game with lava and such then I'd play Z or NPP.
4. True, that is odd
5. This is already changed in the next upcoming release (to "the arrow breaks").
6. :(
7. It's slated to go into the next release.

A list of all the future plans is at: http://dev.rephial.org/trac/report/1