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Tiburon Silverflame
February 25, 2010, 02:12
OK, so I return to L27, pretty much planning to drop down a couple more levels for a better shot at stat boosters, and fewer hounds.

Hmm..."You have a good feeling." Well, OK, now I gotta check this out.

Good? GOOD???? WOWWWW!!!!!! No, it didn't have a vault, but I've had worse hauls from a lesser vault...especially at this depth.

By the time I'm done, *5* uniques are dead. OK, most should be showing up earlier, but still...5. Bullroarer, Khim, Sangahyando, Ulwarth, and Uldor.

And the drops?

chain mail/resistance
metal cap/telepathy!!
katana/westernesse (+17/+10, but unfortunately only +1 stats...still nice)

and just as I'm finishing up the last, hoping to maybe find a stat booster, Sangy shows up. I get him...and he drops the Phial. :D Yeah, fine, not the spiffiest artifact, but always one of my favorites.

At that point, I've been down to -2 speed due to load (high elf mage) for rather a long time...Hasting myself to fight all the uniques. OK, enough's enough, back to town, offload the goodies. Black Market *just* so happens to have a Potion of Con. :) First booster it's had in this game. Weapons shop is unfortunately capped at 5000, grrr...but I've got a flail of westernesse, and the temple will buy that, giving 15,000. Good enough. :)

Right now, I've stashed the cap of TP; gonna stay with Thengel, given that I can detect monsters cheap. And I still want the stat boosts from the katana, so the artifact weapons are decorating the west wall of my house.

And yes, I'm gonna be BLOODY DAMN CAUTIOUS on these next couple trips, cuz I know that the RNG loves turning on you.......... :)

Malak Darkhunter
February 26, 2010, 20:20
Next you'll run into Gorlim, I have a H*ll of a time trying to beat him every game.

Tiburon Silverflame
February 26, 2010, 21:14
Nah...I got Nim.

What's worse is, I actually killed him...losing only about 5 points of enchantments. And IIRC he dropped Thalkettoth, or I got it shortly thereafter. And, I'd gotten lucky with, I think 2 potions of Int and 1 potion of Dex, getting dropped from monster kills.

Then the game crashed on me..... AHHH!!!!

Moral of story: if running in Windows especially, SAVE after a nice stretch of luck.

Worked out tho. Gotten a couple more very handy artifacts...including the cutlass that has +50 AC and regen, but that means I just saw Nim and got OUT of the area cuz I can't kill him fast right now...and just this morning, after hassling some of the compiling questions on my netbook, I did a couple levels. L32, Excellent feeling -- oh my, that's a lesser vault, isn't it? Isn't that amusing. Got the Rohirrim armor, but perhaps even better, got a ring of Res Poison. Oh frabjous day! Cuz the level before that, I made the...really kinda stupid move of taking on an Ancient Green Dragon...with no poison resistance available, and NOT enough hit points to survive 2 attacks.