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Fendell Orcbane
May 1, 2010, 08:36
On level 92 I encountered several of Morgoth's most dire servants. I first encountered Cantoras the Skeletal Lord, however he didn't sense my presence even as I killed a dark priest. Naturally I swiftly fled. When we fought I intended it to be on my terms. To that end I tunnelled towards him using runes of protection to keep him or any allies he called up away from me. I used a zig zag pattern so that if he did manage to destroy my runes his allies couldn't all get me in their line of sight. When I was about 3/4 to his location he rushed towards me, the sound of my caerfully wrought runes served as a warning. So I magically prepared myself for his onslaught. Honestly I had hoped that he would come to me, although I thought that he would materialize through the walls like many undead tend to do.

But no matter I was more than confidant that I would end his existence. The battle seems to be going in my favor when he summoned a few allies. I spotted a few vampires and other undead, but I was concerned about Angmar the witch king and Thuringwethil Morgoth's messenger. Having already quaffed one healing potion and used Elessar's healing power I knew I couldn't withstand the combined attack of these two in addition to finishing off Cantoras. So I aimed my wand of teleport other and watched them disappear. Sadly Cantoras was in the way. Although I do regret losing the potential loot that Cantoras had, I was knew that it was for the best. Greed seems to be the chief danger in the grim halls of Angband. I too have fallen prey to its temptations and have almost perished as a result.

So I quickly quaffed some potions of cure critical wounds and fled the area before Cantoras and his friends returned to devour my flesh and consume my very soul.

I soon came across a Bile demon and although I was somewhat afraid that it would call up its allies from the pits of hell, I used my frost arrows to good effect and soon it was no more. While waiting for my rod of recall to bring me to safety I sensed the presence of a mighty dragon. A dragon only second to Ancalagon the Black in power. However I didn't sense an entourage surrounding him and I was tempted to pepper him with frost arrows against my better judgement. Ordinarily I would have just returned to the town, but when would I again catch him alone like this? Besides with Narya I was invulnerable to his flames and I did have one healing potion and Elessar's power had be now recharged. So I again tunneled toward him in a zigzag pattern. Although he did awaken he waited for me to reach him. Taken full advantage of this I again enhanced myself with magic and opened a gap in his chamber. Glaurung, father of all dragons swiftly came toward me , but he couldn't quite reach me! The magical power of the runes prevented this, and while he tried to destroy the one between us I took full advantage and used frost branded Seeker arrows. Of course a creature such as Glaurung wasn't going to be held at bay for long. So when he penetrated the rune I stood my ground and proceeded to cut him to ribbons. Glaurung did eventually summon many of his mighty children to save his life. Ancalagon was among them! But I knew that Glaurung couldn't survive much longer and I wanted to get his loot. Due to the zigzag nature of my tunnel the dragons couldn't all breath on me at once. However they did manage to get a couple of breathes in which also harmed Glaurung as well.

Glaurung soon died and then I tried to use my faithful wand of Teleport Other on the Ethereal dragons that were attempting to flank me. After a few failed attempts I did manage to teleport them away. I then started to run towards the entrance of my tunnel as I didn't want to get caught with great wyrms in front and behind me. I also attempted to teleport as many dragons away as possible. I was out of healing potions and ccw potions only heal minor wounds. Normally I might have tried to attack some of the dragons. I felt foolish fleeing and I wanted to get Kelek's Grimiore which I spied in Glaurungs loot. I did manage to get rid of most of the dragons with only two ancient dragons far behind me. The Ethereal dragons however were swiftly coming towards me since walls didn't mean much to them. So I used one of my scrolls of destruction to destroy them and the two ancient dragons. I knew that only the most precious treasures would withstand the forces unleashed by the scroll and I was fine with that.

Sadly, the ancient blue and multi hued dragons escaped the fury I unleashed and continued to hunt me. But I still had my wand and managed to send both of them away before they could attack me.

I managed to find the Caestus of Fingolfin in the ruins, with some other minor bits of magic. All and all I'm happy with the way that things went although I feel like I could have handled the dragons with a lot more finesse. And on the other hand I'm proud to have survived an encounter that could easily have ended with my death.

P.S I'm playing 3.0.9 where CCW! don't heal more than 35 hps on average if that. I just picked 3.0.9 to play since it was labeled as stable. But its still fun and that is what matters, right?

Fendell Orcbane
May 2, 2010, 21:20
I have ventured deeper into the depths of Angband and more of Morgoth's servants have fallen to my blade. I came upon Tselakus the Dreadlord for a second time and have destroyed him. The Broad Sword of Eowyn is a great bane of the undead, therefore I almost welcome them coming into close range so they can feel its bite. It helps that The Arkenstone of Thrain protects me from their life draining touch though. I've also encountered Vecna, that legendary lich. Sadly although I almost sent him to hell I had to flee his minions. I had used all of my healing potions and my runes of protection did hold this minions back but a well timed mana bolt could have ended my quest.

The next encounter was with Lungorthin, a Balrog even more powerful than the Balrog of Moria. Sadly I report that I had to flee when he called his allies in to save him. Which is fine, I know I'll catch him with his guard down sooner or later. In my haste to flee I teleported to the 97th level where I meet Eol's son, Maeglin. I prepared a rune of protection and fired an arrow and ducked around a corner hoping he would follow. Imagine my surprise when he tunneled through the dungeon walls and attacked me. Although this wasn't in my plan I was fine with that. Lucky for me he never summoned any allies. Maybe he would still be alive if he did. Although he was a formidable opponent the outcome of the battle was never in doubt especially since I had two permanent sources of healing and a few *healing* potions to spare. However I was alarmed at the Archlich that I sensed heading towards us. Here I should note that I did come upon Vecna and entourage again before I fought Maeglin. I scattered Vecna's host and I had hoped that they wouldn't find me but that was a hope in vain. Although I was concerned at the Archliches approach I thought that Maeglin would be dead by the time he arrived and I could them kill him as well. Sadly this was not to be, the Archlich attacked through a wall while Maeglin ran for his life. I however wasn't going to let Maeglin escape. I sent a few arrows into his cowardly back and killed him once and for all. I only found one useful item sadly the ring of Tulkas. Still it was a decent replace ment for my ring of constitution and it had a long lasting haste spell.

After collecting the loot I returned to town and now I'm ready to face the terrors of Angband once again.