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May 17, 2010, 18:47
I've made it :-)

No super-artifacts in this game. It was the way it was meant to be: roughly the same powers as with standard artifacts but from different combination of items.

Weapon I used through the last third of the game:
The Quarterstaff 'Anaratar' (3d9) (+16,+12) [+19]
+2 dexterity, stealth.
Slays animals, undead, dragons.
Branded with acid, lightning, frost.
Provides resistance to acid, nether.
Cannot be harmed by acid, electricity, fire, cold.
Slows your metabolism.

When activated, it reveals to you the extent of an item's magical powers.
Takes 90 to 162 turns to recharge.

Min Level 34, Max Level 127, Generation chance 3, 15.0 lbs

No cool artifact bows. I used long bow of Lothlorien and then long bow of extra might through most of the game. This one was very good, but only x2:
The Short Bow of Aglost (x2) (+18,+25)
+4 intelligence, wisdom, dexterity, charisma, speed.
Slays evil creatures.
Branded with lightning, venom.
Provides resistance to acid, lightning, fire, light, dark, sound, nexus,
Cannot be harmed by acid, electricity, fire, cold.
Sustains wisdom.
Feather Falling. Prevents paralysis.

Radius 1 light.

Min Level 69, Max Level 127, Generation chance 1, 3.0 lbs

The best ring I've found was this one:
The Ring of Emmoth (+6,+6)
+5 intelligence, wisdom, constitution, charisma, speed.
Provides resistance to acid, fear, dark, confusion, sound, chaos.
Cannot be harmed by acid, electricity, fire, cold.

When aimed, it allows you to breathe chaos or disenchantment for 220 damag
Takes 182 to 338 turns to recharge.

Min Level 66, Max Level 127, Generation chance 1, 0.2 lbs
But I didn't use it, because it would cost me either +6 speed or imCold.

Maybe it's time to try out a pure caster class. Zero fail and mighty spells are tempting, but survivability on low levels can be an issue for me.

May 17, 2010, 22:00
Congratulations! That bow is pretty sweet, but you're right the x2 is a buzz kill...

It feels good to win a randart game that wasn't very generous to you. Hopefully the next one will have more spice.

I highly recommend a pure caster. It's a great change of pace, and you will probably die a few times at the early levels until you're used to exactly how paranoid you need to be and how fragile you are. But at end-game they are completely unstoppable. My priest and mage wins were by far the easiest once you get some tricks.