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November 2, 2007, 14:31
I am trying to create a set of tunneling macros bound to the control+dir that will,

- swap out main weapon (@w0) to my shovel (@w9)
- tunnel in the direction
- swap back my main weapon

For example, ctrl-up I tried

which seems to allow it to tunnel only once, then cancels the command (and doesn't swap back the main weapon)

I'm sure this is a common macro, but I can't find an example anywhere... Any ideas what I am doing wrong?


November 2, 2007, 21:11
I'm not an expert on macros, but since nobody else has offered their input:

Repeated digging, even when activated by one command, takes realtime. If a key is pressed during that realtime, the digging is cancelled (and the key that was pressed has no other effect besides cancelling). So what's happening in your macro is that you switch weapons, start digging, try to switch back but in doing so, cancel the digging and don't actually switch back...

So if I wanted to do this, I'd make a "switch+dig" macro (one for each direction), plus a "switch back" macro. That way you'll have to press an extra key after you finish digging each time, but at least it'll work.

If anyone knows how to make the switch+dig+switch work with a single keystroke, I'd be interested to hear it...

November 3, 2007, 16:41
That explains what I am seeing...

Thanks for the suggestion. I agree that's currently the best solution and I'll most likely implement it.

April 30, 2012, 05:39
To Djabanete + is unique do whatever is necessary in direction indicated command it does not effect turn usage which equals time usage in the game.

Skitzman69's original problem is still inherent unless there is a key code for wait for open command before executing next in the macro, because as pointed out digging takes turns. Since he has never been back to post his success or failures. The only solution I've possibly found is in Mouse usage (http://angband.oook.cz/forum/showthread.php?t=5370&highlight=tunneling+macros) thread, but I am not going to read 6 pages of giant mice users as they are the most destructive disease bearing vermin of an enemy every, just to find out if the tunneling mentioned on page 6 is just an example or if it is an example of multiple threads in one thread. The solution seemed to be a scripting language other than the in game one is the conclusion to that.

A key designated do this until finished kind of like ; mean walk direction until finished or . run until disturbed or change paths. . run is a better example since it is taking multiple turns, but if not used as the last key stroke in a macro would like result in the same message of Canceled that using T9 or T;9 or +99 or +9[Return]9 gets you.

It should be noted the switching of EQ is unimportant to me since I am focused on digging my own dungeons to find every bit of buried treasure so tunneling turn usage is my focus here.

I just tried ^J and it is +7[Return] and it got canceled same as [Enter] so unless the Borg commands can be set to only tunnel for X number of spaces which according to the official game manual is ^Z to enter Borg command. But in this Muon Packaged Handled version Borg is not loaded so nothing happens when I typed ^Z .

In the current version 3.3.2 If the version as outlined in the official game manuals layout of the regular keymaps is correct there is no wait for waiting command key that I can find. The roguelike keymap is completely twisted for use on a qwerty keyboard so I can't speak for that.