View Full Version : Small bug with Player History and drained levels.

July 1, 2010, 10:54
I noticed this when gaining a maximum level while drained.

When you're drained your max xp goes up at a rate of 10%. If you gain a max-level while drained this goes unnoticed in player history. Looking at the code there's a check to see if level > max level when the history entry is made, but the max-level is already one (or more) higher due to the above, so it's not mentioned.

Simple solution is to do the history entry when a new max-level is reached, but that's not really when you want it. At the time when a player really reaches the level for the first time is more whats wanted, but then you have to do some more work with the code.

Back to my game!

Edit: Made a ticket as well.