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November 23, 2010, 06:46
Those tattoo thingies are a Very Bad Idea (TR) ... you know, you could read several scrolls/ quaff multiple potions after another - with those tattoos, you have to wait for "cooldown". Means if you're a little bit unlucky and get into a bad spot, you're dead.

Likeswise, the (especially for low-level chars) limited slots mean either
- you have 2 "scrolls/potions" with cooldown (= you are dead), or
- you have to carry infusions/rune stones instead of scrolls/potions, to have access to different effects (= net gain: NULL, at best)

Sadly, I can't offer any suggestion for improvement other than going back to the old system ...

November 23, 2010, 10:06
That is actually the point, to not chain chug healing pots during hard fights, because is simply removes any kind of tactical choices. You just stand there and take it forever because there is no limit to the number of pots you can have.

As for low level characters the change is actually extremely beneficial to them, because this is the part of the game where they could run out. Whereas now you always have your infusions/runes and if used correctly should carry you through and teach you how to make less mistakes :)

And yes this makes the higher level harder (this is a new feature, balancing is probably required), but then it's needed, winning the game by having enough potions to "outquaff" the boss feels neither fun nor statisfying.

It does take some time to adjust but I ma convinced this is for the better.

PS: Many of the newer rpg/mmo/... games have a cooldown on healing stuff, just because it makes sense