View Full Version : Last version of V to have GoI?

Janus Duo
December 3, 2007, 17:54
Hey guys, I've been itching to play one of those cheap High Elven mages with Globe of Invulnerability again...you know the one. You'd max your strength stat, cast globe and then play like you're a warrior! So overpowered, so fun!

I've been using an old one-off variant that I was introduced to Angband with FAngband (Basically PC Angband with delayed level feelings, and the Morgul targetting code before Angband got it) but I've found I've become spoiled with all the user-friendlyness added to Angband over the years, so I'm wondering...

What's the newest version of V to have the Globe of Invulnerability spell for Mages?


December 4, 2007, 08:53
Couldn't tell you the latest version, but it was certainly still there in 2.9.2.