View Full Version : Questions on forum regulations

February 4, 2008, 13:58
Okay, most people here are aware of generic forum etiquette, although maybe some of us have strayed a little from time to time. :o

The thing is, Pav is quite obviously a fairly tolerant admin, but today I spotted one user had his status change to "banned". Whoah - WTF did he/she do!? I couldn't work out from the users posts, but they were presumably trollish and therefore edited - otherwise sreeja is one clever bot...

The forum FAQ is mostly about how to use the forums, rather than how not to abuse them, so I thought rather than ask Pav I'd give him an opportunity to let everyone know exactly what will not be tolerated. I've seen flaming, spamming and ladder-cheating go largely unpunished as far as I could see (except that some spam links were removed from one users sigs).

And what is with the green reputation symbol in users info? The banned user still has a green box, and so do the obvious spammer accounts - in fact everyone's reputation is green on oook. I'd have thought personally that suspected spambots would be a good target for getting the dreaded red box, so that more naive users may think twice about following the links they provide. After all, a real user would probably query a reputation change if they were innocent, but a spammer or his bot minions probably wouldn't.

Just wondering.

February 4, 2008, 14:08
I have banned several accounts (can't really say people) for spamming. Nothing else, ever, there are no standards of behaviour that I would be enforcing.

The green thingie is a feature of the forum software, which allows people to put positive or negative reputation to other people. I guess it's obscure enough, there is not a single reputation posted so far. "distinguished road" is the starting level, everyone gets it. I'm actually thinking about disabling this feature.

If there is any spam in Ladder comments, let me know, it will be removed.