View Full Version : [NPP] Whoa... or... Quest Results in Madness

February 17, 2008, 06:38
After a quest from the adventurer's guild killed my priest, Bazu the Ordinary, I restarted a dead ranger, Talaria, and decided to get back at the Adventurer's Guild by demanding a quest as soon as I was finished equipping myself, thinking I would get an easy quest a few DLs down that I could work up to and overcome quickly.

Not on my life.

Instead, I was told to kill eleven night lizards on DL 1.

Talaria bravely ventured down into the dungeon, certain of her demise. To my surprise, she succeeded with ease, killing eleven night lizards almost entirely with her perfectly ordinary longbow and arrows. In addition to catapulting her to level 9, the level produced twenty-five +5/+5 mithril shots, which she sold for more than 1200 gp, and the reward for the adventure was the stat potion of my choice.

I think I'm starting all my NPP characters that way from now on. Even if they get killed, it starts the game much faster.