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  1. Xandor Tik'Roth
    March 27, 2010 03:44
    Xandor Tik'Roth
    Two things...

    1: I'm no longer able to send PM's on this forum

    2: One of our members noticed that the site no longer allows uploads to the modules section. I checked the ftp, and sure enough the folder doesn't have write permissions. However, when I go into filezilla and attempt to change this, the system reads out the following message:

    Status: Set permissions of '/tome-site/modules' to '777'
    Command: SITE CHMOD 777 modules
    Response: 550 modules: Operation not permitted.

    So, I'm not sure if I'm attempting to edit permissions on the wrong directory or if its something that you have to go in and fix...

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