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  1. PowerWyrm
    December 13, 2017 13:10
    Sorry for the late reply

    As you probably have seen by now, the MAngband server is down again: no more website, no more metaserver, no more game. It has also been more than 18 months now without any update on git, so I can say that the game itself is dead. I have no way of contacting any of the admins, if they are still around, because everything MAngband related is on the same "" domain. Now you simply need for Jug, which I believe doesn't maintain the game anymore but sometimes checks what's going on, to get aware of the problem and restart the server.

    Concerning PWMAngband, one of the problem now is that you cannot use the metaserver to connect, since it's down. Well it's not really down, it's reachable (I've pinged it and you can connect sockets to it), but not responsive (sending a packet on a socket doesn't give a reply). I've fixed a bug which made the client enter an endless loop in that case, so now you can play without the metaserver. This means you have to connect to a server manually.

    Step by step guide to play PWMAngband in its current state:
    - edit mangband.cfg, set REPORT_TO_METASERVER = false, set BIND_NAME = "" (which corresponds to your server's public address)
    - launch the server
    - edit mangclient.ini, uncomment "" in the [MAngband] section (to connect to that server, or you can set "host=localhost" if you play locally)
    - launch the client

    This should work.

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