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Whelk August 4, 2009 19:59

MUD development
I've been working on developing a text-based telnet MUD (for fun and to teach myself to program - not to be the Next Big MUD). I'd love to get some suggestions and have folks test it for me to help me find out what's broken and what needs improving. If anyone's interested, I'll compile some info on the site I have for it and post a link here.

It's still in the very early stages, but I've got the engine and some of the basic mechanics working, so people can run around the town and buy things and interact with a handful of commands. I also have a rudimentary skill system set up (learn by practice, no levels), though the only skills people can develop currently are hiding and firekindling. Swimming and climbing work, but there's nothing in the explorable area yet to climb or swim.

No combat yet, but it's what I'm working on next, since it seems to be what most people are interested in.


Sirridan August 4, 2009 20:15

sounds neat, I'd be happy to help out!

Blackened August 6, 2009 03:36

Well, I have never played MUD before, but always liked the idea and really would like to try. Given that, I probably won't be of much help, but count me in anyway. :-)

Whelk April 16, 2010 19:06

I've really cracked down on this project lately, and it's coming together pretty well. If anyone's interested in playtesting or helping develop it (even just discussing ideas), I'd appreciate the assistance and the fresh ideas.

For any interested, here's the site I've thrown together for it:

Note: I did talk to Pav and get permission to rip off the general site format of I'll change it at some point when I want to spend time on an original site design, but right now I'm focusing on the game itself, and after all I really like pav's site format. Nice and clean. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?

Edit: Updated site address.

ekolis April 16, 2010 20:34

Ooh, wow, I never got into MUDs too much before, but I might wanna try this out... I have played some of the old BBS door games like Tradewars and Legend of the Red Dragon back in the 1990s (yeah, Tradewars 2002! That's in the FUTURE! :P) Not to mention roguelikes (obviously - I'm here, aren't I!) and (Windows ports of - I'm only in my mid-20s!) the classic Adventure game... not to mention "Begin" and "Vector Tactics", which are starship combat games controlled by text commands (Vectac is even multiplayer by telnet, so in a way it IS a MUD)... so I suppose MUDs might be a logical step for me ;)

Fire all torpedo!
** 3 ktx hit on Lexington's hull **
## Lexington DESTRUCT! ##
Kor: Command, captain?


pav April 16, 2010 21:10

Wow, it sure does look hot in red :)

ekolis April 16, 2010 21:37

Aww, the server shut down? :( I was having fun... was it because I accidentally tried to buy Relena the shopkeeper? :P

Whelk April 16, 2010 21:41

Hmm, did it kick you out? It hasn't shut down, because I'm still in it. Sometimes if you put in a command that I managed to break (which happens often) it'll kick you out. When that happens, please log back in and report it with the BUG verb. Thanks.

ekolis April 16, 2010 21:49

Oh, OK... well, I don't even remember what the last command was I typed... and I didn't fully configure the log feature of my client, either!

ekolis May 24, 2010 16:10

Hey, did the CLOK website go down or something? :(

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