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Ed_47569 January 19, 2021 20:33


Originally Posted by archolewa (Post 150668)
Meanwhile, the big stuff is infrequent enough that I doubt it makes a hig difference. Sure buying a Potion of Augmentation is nice, but does it really impact the game in a major way?

I actually just BOUGHT my first potion of Augmentation yesterday, in 20+ years of playing. Recalled to town with $155k and it was for sale at $150k. Either never had the gold for them before, or they appeared after I'd maxed my stats.

topazg February 12, 2021 03:06

First proper visit in about 6 years, thought I'd have another look at Angband (and oook) and see whether things were still alive, and it seems they are, happiness and all that, will try to get a 4.2.X winner before slinking off into RL lurkery again! :)

Interestingly, the first thing I did was jump into the birth options and check out what's changed - I must admit, I immediately turned no_sell off because, well, old habits and all that (and turned randarts on), but I do like the cleanliness of what seems to be less options than I remember.

One thing that feels like it isn't mentioned a great deal is flavour. I like returning to sell the goods because, frankly, erm, I have no idea, I just like the idea of my character doing it. I'm not sure I care about the comparative profitability compared to no_sell, or whether the shops actually have anything to buy, or whether the minmax efficiency of what I'm choosing to haul back is sufficiently optimised ... I just don't find it a drag, I enjoy doing it for reasons I can't fathom. (I will agree with an earlier poster that haggling, whilst a lot of fun and amusement early on, can be a royal grindy PITA at times).

If it disappeared overnight I'd be fine with that too, but I'm delighted to at least have the choice in there.

DavidMedley February 13, 2021 20:10

Were any new opinions shared here? Is the title supposed to be "A new opinion poll on no_selling?"

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