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Wraitheist August 27, 2008 17:47

The weight of your equipment encumbers your movement
What does that mean, exactly?

Also, as a priest, what is the penatly incurred when wielding an edged weapon? Is it just -2 ACC and DMG?

Finally, I've heard that Paladins aren't very skilled with ranged weapons. Is it still worth wielding a bow/xbow?


Mondkalb August 27, 2008 18:40

You get slowed down when your equipment becomes too heavy resulting in a penalty to your attack bonus, iirc.

Priest get a penalty to their spell points, I think.

Ranged weapons can always be useful. If your weapon is too heavy try a lighter one until you get strong enough. ;)
The artifact bows and crossbows are worth to be worn anyway (and some af the ego types too).
There are also some monsters you don't want to fight hand to hand.

Pete Mack August 27, 2008 19:16

your fail rate goes up by 25% a/ edged weapon penalty. This is bad if you suddenly start failing you heal spell. For encubrance, you lose 1sp/on. It's only a problem if you have los mana to begin with.

buzzkill August 28, 2008 15:32

Check your (i)nventory or (e)quiptment screen. The very first line will state the weight burden you are carrying and the percentage of your maximum. I think??? that when you reach a 66% burden you begin to slow down (slow-1). As you add more weight you will slow even more. Staffs and clerical weapons and extra armors are the usual suspects; shed them.

Wraitheist August 28, 2008 17:30

Thanks for the info. Most of my early weight problems come from equipment that I'm forced to wear to attain resistances.

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