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Grotug October 28, 2018 13:29

DL8 Mughash drops the ring, 'Celindo':

<+4> Strength
<+3> Wisdom
<+2> Dexterity
<+3> Constitution
<+2> Speed
<+1> Light

Provides Immunity to lightning, cold.
Provides resistance to acid, light, nether, disenchantment {??}
Provides protection from fear, stunning.
Slows metabolism. Feather Falling.

On DL26 a dark elven lord drops an amulet of the magi.

On DL36 I find a cursed ring of damage (+0,+8) with lightning vulnerability and +20AC and rShards; perfect for when you just happen to have immunity to lightning :D. Although it occasionally turns skin to stone as well.

On DL43, unprotected; just hanging out in an empty room, a certain body armor [60, +22]. I could get used to this. :D

Right after finding it I nearly die taking on Waldern. He proves much more difficult than I expected despite my healthy AC and immunities. I've finally almost defeated him when another Elemental spoils my fun. At least she was easier to kill despite moving very quickly:

The fights are kinda long, but interesting parts were:

Does this thing even work?:

We've got company but I don't even notice:

Where'd he go?:

The start of the video is pretty interesting, too, for how I go about dealing with some dangerous dragons.

Grotug November 8, 2018 21:01

One thing I've definitely learned about Angband by now is that the rarity of an object is not always correlated to how powerful it is. Or at least, Angband doesn't think gauntlets of power are a powerful item, as I found decent ones on DL16 with a 3-3 feeling. (+3, +2) <+3>

In other news, my last far reaching character died sillily (whoah, that's actually a word???) anyway, he found a ring of power with the following activation: bestows upon you Berserk, Bless and Resistance. I kid you not. I guess there is no limit to what an activation can do! But that is a pretty boss activation. :D

In other other news, I've discovered throwing bolts is just as effective as shooting pebbles with a sling. Been playing half-elf warriors and I really like the combo for its decent ability to shoot/throw as well as hit. I miss native regen, but oh well; still really fun to kick butt right out of the gate!

short video of @ throwing bolts at some peeps

Pete Mack November 8, 2018 21:22

Yes, throwing bolts does the same average damage of 3 as a sling with pebbles. But flasks of oil do 7 average damage, and iron shot 5, so the point is somewhat moot. And yeah, that is a ridiculous activation.

Grotug November 8, 2018 21:33

Not really moot; I save 150gp gold not having to buy a sling (assuming a sling or bow are available). I buy 40 bolts and get the best value for the money in terms of dealing damage for leveling up 6+ character levels. That 150gp goes far in buying more ?phase and !CLW.

Narry November 14, 2018 17:22

Here's what happened to me recently:

Dungeon level: 2550' (DL 51)
LF: 7-9

A little bit of exploring and bingo, there's a small vault. After digging a wall, I see the Mouth of Sauron. My thought was: "Hmmm, I have all resistances and fire immunity. I can at least try and then teleport him away if he's too tough." He summoned Ji Indur Dawndeath, so after a few plasma attacks it was time to teleport myself away.

Dawndeath finds me, but I manage to kill him. Exploring the loot, I find:

the Blade of Chaos of Mastin (9d5) (+15,+12) [+3]

Slays dragons (powerfully), giants, animals.
Branded with weak fire.
Provides resistance to acid, lightning, fire, chaos.
Cannot be harmed by acid.
Feather Falling. Speeds regeneration. Grants telepathy. Grants the ability to see invisible things. Prevents paralysis.

Average damages:
- 483.4 vs. creatures not resistant to fire
- 986.7 vs. dragons
- 651.5 vs. giants
- 483.4 vs. animals
- 315.7 vs. others

I know... not as impressive as some other finds in this thread, but surely makes me happy.

(Yes, I managed to defeat Mouth of Sauron with it.)

Grotug November 14, 2018 18:44

I found a 12d5 executioner's sword recently. It only had one slay, dragons powerfully, good for 1300+. I don't remember how he died, just that it was fairly unnecessary like most of my deaths. Although my current death playing without artifacts was pretty much out of my control. Kavlax, who, before waking up, I was aware of through a swap weapon for telepathy, surprised me when he breathed fire on me as I was busy killing a fire hound.That took about 40% of my health. So I TO'd him, but it fails. I TO again and away he goes. I wasn't too worried about him since I had 15 base speed. Then someone commands me to go far away. Mmm.... look at all those cyan Zs! Aren't they pretty! Oh... wait.... I spawned in the middle of like 15 time hounds and they went first. So I was on DL57, a gauth commands me to go far away, and the next thing I know I'm dead. And I was thinking to myself earlier, scoff I don't need no stinkin' rNexus as I was putting on fancy mithril boots of speed <+8>. Well, it can be handy sometimes.

Pete Mack November 14, 2018 19:54

You will always get one free turn on a level. If you come down in the middle if high level hounds, you need to use that turn wisely.

Grotug November 14, 2018 21:17


Originally Posted by Pete Mack (Post 134290)
You will always get one free turn on a level. If you come down in the middle if high level hounds, you need to use that turn wisely.

I didn't get a turn. I'll post a video soon. I thought I had been sent to another part of the level. It was only watching the replay did I see that I was sent to another level, whereby I continued through the {more} prompts as the time hounds breathed me into oblivion.

Derakon November 15, 2018 02:14

That's odd. You're supposed to start each level with 100 energy, and enemies are supposed to start with 0, which should guarantee that you get at least one action before anything else does. But you're right, the video shows you being teleport-level'd by a Gauth and then immediately mobbed by Time Hounds.

Pete Mack November 15, 2018 02:39

It is a little more complicated. Only FORCE_SLEEP monsters don't get a chance for a turn on entering a level. But all hounds have force sleep, so I don't know what happened here.

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