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Derakon August 8, 2010 18:57

Swap stat potions hate me
I'm playing a Dwarf Rogue, which I'm basically playing as a warrior until I can get some stat boosts. Started him out with enough STR/DEX to get 3 blows, and a puny 8 INT.

Then I find a potion of Intellect, and, not thinking things through, quaff it. Down goes a point of STR.

Then I find a potion of Nimbleness, and think "ehh, it's highly unlikely that I'll lose another point of STR". Guess which stat goes down.

Same goes for another potion of Nimbleness, and now I'm down to 2 blows because I'm so weak.

Then I find a potion of Brawn, and it drains DEX. Naturally.

Then I try another potion of Nimbleness, because apparently I can't recognize patterns, and now my STR is a whopping 17.

The potion description claims that the stat drained is random...

Tatami August 8, 2010 19:48


10 characters

Tatami August 8, 2010 20:11

Sorry I am still bitter in regards to some paticularly brutal Heng deaths and am still mourning my Sir Stately Plump Buck Mulligan.

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