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Ugramoth February 10, 2021 08:36

Most OOD encounter I've ever had on regular non-vault level:

9-4 feeling on DL28, killed Azog and kept investigating wondering if Azog was the 9 or is there a pit of somethings...

Around the corner and there's Fundin bloody Bluecloak right in my face! Stunned me and took me from 254HP to 12 in an instant!

Just barely saved by staff of teleport and recall out.

Good thing I survided, this Dunadan paladin is doing rather well otherwise.

Grotug February 11, 2021 00:50


I had a similar thing happen where I got pummelled by an OOD Fundin early on. I can't remember if I died or very narrowly came away with my life. I may have actually uploaded that game to youtube, (but not sure about that).

I've also encountered Saruman around that depth. That was... interesting.

DrWho42 February 22, 2021 01:58

yikes indeed!

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