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licker34 February 14, 2021 21:48

Pile Error
Playing 4.2.1 and I hit something I had never seen before in decades of playing various bands.

An actual crash.

I was so surprised I didn't even take a screenshot, but I found a pile_error file in my user folder and it contains this.

Pile integrity failure at obj-pile.c:214

Guilty object
Name: Infravision

Guilty pile
Name: Infravision

I was simply moving through a section of dungeon when it happened, on starting up again I was at the start of the level and moved through it, but did not reencounter this error.

Thanks, and sorry if this is the wrong forum for this.

Nick February 14, 2021 23:59

This is the correct forum, thanks for the report.

I am aware of this issue, and it has been very persistent and hard to diagnose (typically the crash happens well after the root cause). There has been at least one attempted fix since 4.2.1 was released, which will appear (shortly, surely) in 4.2.2. Whether it's actually fixed then, we'll have to wait and see.

licker34 February 15, 2021 01:47

Thanks for the response!

Hopefully it is already fixed :)

DrWho42 February 16, 2021 23:31

glad you got a prompt response!

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