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Irossyzerce March 18, 2009 05:58

TIME OUT....For a funny story!
Hi! I just became a part of this forum here and I would love to be a part of it. I love contributing to the community.
I can probably add some humour to start with. Here are some funny stories that I read somewhere.

A patient comes to a Dentist with a tooth pain.
Dentist : Two of you teeth are infected and we need to extract them.
Patient: How much will it cost?
Dentist: Seven hundred and fifty dollars for both.
Patient: What? Seven hundred and fifty dollars for 10 minutes of work?
Dentist: Well, if you like, I can pull them out slowly!

Here is another one:

Husband and wife have just left their home for camping.
Wife: We should turn the car back! I forgot to turn off the gas stove and it might burn our appartment!
Husband: It's okay, the apartment will not burn, I forgot to turn off the shower.

The last one:

A trial is in progress in the court room.
Lawyer: Your Honour, if a person has 18 criminal records he is not a criminal.
Judge: Then who is he?
Lawyer: He is a Collector.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed it.

Djabanete March 18, 2009 06:46

An alsatian walks into a telegraph booth and dictates: "Woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof!" The operator says, "That's only nine words --- would you like to send one additional 'woof' for free?"

The alsatian looks at him and says, "But then it wouldn't make any sense..."

ininiasymmell April 2, 2009 03:44

Nice post.
I'm new to the forum. Nice post.

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