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hein August 5, 2016 19:21

Which character has the easiest endgame/late stage
I like to play warriors because they improve fast. Ive tried all the other classes as well, and they are a bit tedious.

Paladin - play them like a warrior, rarely use healing spells after a while. I die having a less-than-optimal warrior at midstages
Ranger - cool archery and spells - too few HP
Mage - Very fun to play, until you run into a sabre-tooth-tiger or giant roc
Priest - Had a Half-Troll one killed by a floating eye. Also, no sharp weapons?
Rogue - Object Detection and high stealth is awesome. too few HP though

Half-Troll: Awesome HP. Tremendous fighter. Bad at everything else, but does it really matter?
Half-Orc: Resist darkness is nice. Super Dex/Str Combo at the start. Doesnt matter later. Decent HP
Dunadan: Good at everything. Slow XP doesnt matter. No weak points.
High-Elf: See invisible takes you more easily through the levels. Good saving throws. Has to work for the experience. Does the XP penalty matter? Hardly.
Kobold: Incredible with poison resistance. Low HP. Cool stealth. Does stealth even matter? Had my Half-Trolls walk into a room of baddies without problems.
Humans: Low XP, which really doesnt matter
Hobbits: Nice Saving Throws and Stealth. Identifying Mushrooms is useless. Too low on HP.
Gnomes: Best at magic devices. May save one from an unforuntate death with low %fail
Dwarves: Can easily find/dig out treasures. Never goes blind. Nice HP. Works good for every class.
Elves/Half-elves: Finally: The only race who I dont like! More disadvatanges (HP) than advantages!

What is the best combo? If you had just one try to be a winner, what would your combo be?

Estie August 5, 2016 19:49

Playstyles differ, for example xp penalty you find irrelevant but other people hate it and avoid high penalty races. Also, evaluation of boni changes as you play longer.

The easiest endgame would be the mage who just banishes everything.

The combo for the one attempt is a hard question; it depends on how badly I wanted the win. I wouldnt want elf/halfelf and I wouldnt want ranger who is very luck dependant; you need a good bow, with bows being rare to begin with, and also you need good ammo, chances are you will be lacking at last one of the two. Other than that, all combos are on a similar level for me.

wobbly August 5, 2016 19:54

I find the half-troll rogue is one of the easiest. Good hps/fighting, decent stealth, access to detect & teleport spells. A lot of it's a matter of preference. Find something that works well for you.

Thraalbee August 5, 2016 22:01

Dwarf priest is easy too

Nomad August 5, 2016 22:23

I much prefer warriors, since I'm very melee-oriented. High-elf warrior is the combo I consistently win with. If I want to play with magic I like Half-orc rogue - strong enough to play as a fighter-with-added-magic without the same sort of heavy INT penalty as the other high STR races.

AnonymousHero August 5, 2016 23:00

(Dwarf) Priest. Well, any priest really. Near-infinite zero-fail healing.

For some it's probably incredibly boring, but once they're past L35ish, Priests are pretty much indestrucible barring any obvious resistance holes.

Ingwe Ingweron August 6, 2016 02:12

Having done every race/class combo, my conclusion was (at least as far as my own playing data was concerned) there was no obvious "best" race/class combination. Certainly some that seemed harder than others, but even then, it became hard to distinguish based on turncount and other such measures.

If I am strictly giving my answer to the original post question, the easiest late game/end game is a High-Elf Mage. The ability to banish, TO, and destruct everything with 0% fail rates makes the end game quite easy. But good luck getting a mage to the end game stage. That is much more difficult.

Pete Mack August 6, 2016 02:58

High-elf ranger is in the mix. No banishment, but *Destruction*, brand ammo, glyph combine for overwhelming melee and ranged combat. really, any endgame character is overwhelming against all but a very few enemies.

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