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BlueFish May 23, 2014 20:47

Staff of Earthquakes
What do you guys think of these staves? Are they useful as escapes? When I find one I tend to have no inventory to spare, so I've never explored them much.

HallucinationMushroom May 23, 2014 21:01

They occasionally help me open up vaults and closed off larders on characters before I get a belegost mattock, or other typical way of entry, so I value them for that... not so much for escape. I used that trick on one of my most recent characters.

locus May 23, 2014 23:14

They're great, I try to make room in my inventory for them. They're most useful if you screw up and get yourself surrounded, which makes them less useful in the very latest of the lategame when the things you fear most are single powerful enemies. AFAICT they're the only direct magical attack in the game, not so much an "escape" as a tide-turner.

wobbly May 24, 2014 03:29

I tend to prefer a horn of blasting, but if I find a staff of earthquakes first I'll hang on to it. Pretty much a case of I'll keep it if I have space.

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