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Nick May 14, 2020 23:59


Originally Posted by sffp (Post 145470)
I understand that the weapon type doesn't matter to the game play.
But theirs a value system in stores for things like Slay troll/orc/dragon etc
Levels get feelings based off the presence of the ego weapons. But when a Dagger (+2,+6) does more damage than a Great Maul of *Slay Dragon* (+11, +14) against dragons - that's where you start to question the system. (Note - in college, when I played Angband, I don't recall inspecting weapons to show damage. )

The percentage damage birth option is intended to do more or less what you're looking for. It's pretty broken in 4.2.0, but in the development version (which should become 4.2.1 fairly soon) it's at least close to balanced.

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