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Nick September 14, 2019 05:05

Preparation for FAangband 2
The beginnings of a new version of FAangband, based on Angband 4.2.0, are here.

So far, I have races, wilderness generation and the world map basically done. This is still a bit patchy; for example teleport level won't work properly. There are also many major things still to do, including the monster list, specialties, combat system and quests.

There are also various bugfixes and improvements making their way back into the Angband 4.2 code as the codebase gets a bit of a workout with the extra features which are being added. My belief and intention is that both projects will benefit from each other.

Once I have an actual FAangband 2 out, then it's time for Beleriand :)

getter77 September 14, 2019 13:37


Mondkalb September 14, 2019 15:37

Thumbs up :) :) :)

Holy_Rage September 14, 2019 16:27

Fantastic news!

DrWho42 September 14, 2019 19:14

great work! thanks nick~

Ingwe Ingweron September 14, 2019 19:41

Thrilling news! I'm excited to play soon.

Gwarl September 14, 2019 22:28

Up on :)

I'll sort you out with an update button for this variant, too, before long.

Nick September 14, 2019 23:31


Originally Posted by Gwarl (Post 140056)
Up on :)

For anyone that's thinking of actually playing this seriously, it is likely to have game-crashing bugs. It is currently just Vanilla with different races and (fairly pointless) wilderness.

Set your expectations low :)

Gauss September 16, 2019 08:56

The wilderness map and objectives will remain the same?
Any hints on new additions besides bugfixes?

Nick September 16, 2019 13:45


Originally Posted by Gauss (Post 140076)
The wilderness map and objectives will remain the same?



Originally Posted by Gauss (Post 140076)
Any hints on new additions besides bugfixes?

My approach is to start with Angband 4.2.0 and add back the features of FA. Some are definite - races, wilderness, combat system, etc. Some will definitely not change - for example, I think Angband's rune ID system is better. And then there are a bunch of things which I'll have to think about - exactly how to blend the monster lists, whether to keep V classes completely or make changes, and so on.

So now you know as much as I do :)

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