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Quantum January 24, 2021 18:02

Armour class calculation
How do i calculate armour class & how much less damage i recieve?

Thraalbee January 24, 2021 18:31

This is not as straightforward as you'd think. Melee damage is reduced and mobs hits less often if your AC is high. But there are so many types of damage. Acid damage for instance is reduced by armour if the hit is scored where you have armour not totally worn down already. A mana storm totally ignores AC.

My simplified rule of thumb is 100 ac in the early game is worth sacrifices. 200 in mid game and 250+ late game. For a brawler. If your thing is shoot and phase probably not.

wobbly January 24, 2021 19:07

Here's the to-hit part of it with power generally = 40 for physical/elemental melee and = 0 for status effects melee.


/* Calculate the "attack quality" */
        chance = (power + (level * 3));

/* Power competes against armor */
        return randint0(chance) >= (ac * 2 / 3);

% Damage reduction is something like AC / 400 against physical attacks, maxing out at 240 AC. However a lot of damage is non-physical.

It's not that simple to calculate out unfortunately.

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