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JamesGoblin September 5, 2016 15:35

Camelot Unchained ("DAoC 2"), player building video + intro
What I like about this MMO - players are creating EVERYTHING: buildings, gear, weapons, even spells (!) Building is 100% free form (think: Minecraft on steroids) and big structures will matter for economy and control of conquered territories - this is how it looks in alpha tests, player-made video + couple later pics:

Buildings can be destroyed - unless built offline or in starting zones BUT there will be siege windows (time for destruction) and it should take big number of players and siege engines.

You can check Camelot's IGN Wiki for quick intro and more pics + videos. Game access now is not too cheap (something like $60), but beta starts in early 2017 and they will have open beta (free tests) right before launch.

JamesGoblin December 10, 2016 16:02

This old footage looks so minecrafty, here are some new screenshots:

Raajaton December 22, 2016 16:04

I was a HUGE DAoC fan back in the day, and I'm mildly excited about the release of this one.

I say mildly excited, because I've been out of the MMO world for a very long time, and although I don't really want to play them again, it's hard to pass up on the spiritual successor to DAoC.

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