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Ugramoth November 21, 2018 02:11

I thought I was playing with randarts. How come I get Tolkien themed items:

Gauntlets of Hurin [3 +12] <+5>
Dropped by Lorgan, Chief of the Easterlings at 1800 feet

+5 strength
Provides resistance to poison.

Ugramoth November 21, 2018 04:27

Let me introduce Goron, Grond's less-known little brother:

Lead-Filled Mace 'Goron' (4d3) (-10, -5) <-3, +2, -2> {cursed}
Dropped by scout at 1800 feet

It occasionally summons an undead
It occasionally summons a demon
It occasionally makes a loud noise
-3 dexterity
+2 constitution
-2 attack speed
Slays undead, trolls.
Cannot be harmed by acid, fire.
Aggravates creatures nearby.

Grotug November 21, 2018 08:25

I think that may be the worst artifact I've ever seen. I found a something-or-other of Gondor not too long ago.

Ugramoth November 22, 2018 01:18

With 4d3 -5 damage you can theoretically get negative damage. What does negative damage with slay do? Heals undead more effectively or halves the healing effect?

Derakon November 22, 2018 01:32

I believe that damage is always at least 0. However, slays work by multiplying the damage dice (i.e. they apply before the to-dam modifier), so vs. undead this would be a 12d3-5 weapon, which cannot go negative. (actually a (4d3)*3-5 weapon)

Pete Mack November 22, 2018 04:27

In principle, it could also grant zero blows, or possibly 1 every 3 turns, with fractional blows. Yeah, that is one of the worst ever artifacts...except for a certain sword that gives -10 speed.

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