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Maddz October 20, 2012 18:51

Hengband in OS X Mountain Lion
Well, I upgraded to Mountain Lion and now Hengband no longer works. Can anyone out there point me at a compiled version that does work on Mountain Lion? (Or give me detailed step-by-step instructions on how to compile it myself...)

It's actually my favourite Angband variant - I even prefer it to vanilla Angband and keep coming back to it.

Maddz October 21, 2012 20:43

Update: signed up for Apple Dev tools and downloaded XCode. The man will have a play later this week.

dzhang October 22, 2012 19:20

Try Chengband. It's everything you like about Hengband, except even more of them. Many new races, classes, and monsters. The game has also been made significantly more challenging, with a variety of new monster tricks, including Antimagic, Fear Auras, and Retaliation Auras.

Maddz October 22, 2012 22:10

There is one major issue with Chengband - no Mac version...

Maddz October 28, 2012 18:02

OK, the man successfully managed to compile Hengband. However, it won't work - it runs, throws an error 'can't find save file, more...' and then it locks up. He thinks it may be an issue with the curses file. So, back to the drawing board.

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