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Grotug April 28, 2021 06:08

I love dreaming (this one's about Stranger Things)
I've been having a lot of similar dreams lately. Most of them are usually too abstract to translate into words (like dreaming of a three dimensional place with rich colors, full of texture and depth and then trying to capture it as a monochromatic 2D drawing of crude shapes).

Anyway, my most recent dream remained in my memory quite well and was hardly at all abstract:

I was with some acquaintances and we were at an old, derelict amusement park. It was dark and gloomy. And then one of my friend’s said that “I think we’re in the Netflix show Stranger Things”. It seemed absurd and while I wanted to believe it I was skeptical. More logical was that this place just *felt* like a scene out of Stranger Things and that we weren’t actually in the show.

But he kept going on that thread. He was saying there was a mission we had to complete. He wasn’t sure what it was but that he heard there was a cave or dungeon we had to enter and fight off some kind of mysterious enemy. So we traveled through the gloom(y amusement park) until we entered an old abandoned building. It was even darker in here. We climbed some stairs. As we got deeper into the mysterious building we heard some things. I was maybe a little nervous but not scared. I was still not convinced we were in an episode of Stranger Things.

I think at some point we made some very makeshift self defense “weapons” from old detritus strewn around the building--maybe a piece of aluminum window siding wrapped in tape or some such. This gave us considerably more confidence in our quest.

The farther into the building we went and the more confident my friend became about his belief we were in Stranger Things and getting closer to the anomaly the more I started to believe and start to get excited/nervous too.

After passing through several other rooms and staircases, some which were very dark, damp and dank, we started climbing a slightly better lit staircase and we felt we were getting close to something (a malevolent presence or a resolution). Eventually we reached the top of the staircase and a better lit room higher up in the building. There was definitely the sense that an ominous presence was near. We had our weapons at the ready. We were feeling confident.

The next part is kind of fuzzy. I don’t remember encountering a monster. I remember going outside into a field and there were lots of other people there and many military personnel. Apparently the gig was up. The cat was out of the bag. It was no longer our little secret that we had discovered that we were living in a Stranger Things reality. Apparently most everyone knew and the military had become involved and they were escorting everyone away (from danger?). My friend and I were not interested in following the military orders. My friend had his own plan.

We stole away from the group we had been moving with to stay inconspicuous once we had arrived on the surface in daylight. (The mysterious building we had traveled through had delivered us on the surface of a field in (the morning?) light. My friend still felt he was on the “scent” toward the anomaly. We entered another dark place (not sure if it was a building, a cave entrance or a dungeon entrance). Once inside the dark gloom again we both felt we were getting very close to the malevolent presence, though.

We heard noises again. We had our makeshift weapons drawn. We were ready to take on whatever it was. I’d have visions of it. Glimpses of what it was. Sometimes they were very vague: of a small thing like a dark, mangey, scraggly, wretched fox sized creature. But I also got a glimpse of a large, upright bipedal creature: dark, swarthy, insidious and terrible covered with dark, raggedy strips of heavy cloth that almost looked like they had been dipped in blank ink; a beast with a most menacing countenance dripping with malicious intent and evil purpose. I think I woke up before we ever caught up to the creature but we were close!

Pete Mack April 28, 2021 13:33

maybe you'll experience Part II tonight. Fun dream!

DrWho42 April 28, 2021 21:35

intriguing after dream report!

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