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Gothmog February 22, 2017 20:17

could someone please post a list of all the different artefacts and their description
I've tried to look at the artefact text but it is too hard to make it out

and it is not too much trouble, the enemies as well

Derakon February 22, 2017 20:31

Learn to read artifact.txt and monster.txt instead. The tops of each file will tell you what the format is; feel free to ask specific questions about parts that you don't understand.

Or generate the dumps yourself. You can make a character with the cheat to know all monster data and just page through the monster memory in-game. For artifacts, I assume there's some way to generate a standart dump the way you can generate a randart dump at the end of a randarts game (it's an option from the tombstone screen), but I don't know offhand what it would be.

Nick February 22, 2017 21:00

In Vanilla, it's just Ctrl-A for debug mode, " for spoilers, and then select artifacts. If you're looking at Sil, it seems by default to compile without spoilers; if you're compiling yourself, adding a -D"ALLOW_SPOILERS" to the CFLAGS line in whichever makefile you're using may do the trick (depending on how well the spoilers code has been updated), and then follow the same commands as for V.

wobbly February 22, 2017 21:06

For Sil it's pretty simple. Select Finarfin. Take Loremaster immediately. Hit ~

Thraalbee February 22, 2017 21:42

For Vanilla monsters, I started a nice website on but it is yet to be completed. Still, if you play vanilla it will give you a feel for the monster distribution and some more info.

Pete Mack February 22, 2017 21:55

Huh. However did disenchanted worm mass end up at dl 40?

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