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Max Stats January 7, 2011 05:01

YAWP [V 3.2]: Sneak the High-Elf Rogue (my first rogue win ever)
I started playing this game under the previous version and upgraded to 3.2 when it was released. No issues with the upgrade, although forgetting Cure Light Wounds threw me at first until I remembered that it had been removed from mages & rogues.

Either the evil RNG was on vacation, or this character had compromising pictures of it and held it hostage. This was first evidenced by a novice mage who dropped a Pair of Leather Sandals of Speed [1,+5] (+10) at 750'. I even taunted the RNG about this find in the newsgroup. More good fortune finding two very nice Rings of Speed. Never found Ringil or Feanor, though, but I had plenty of good EQ in the end.

Also got a couple of breaks by escaping near-death situations where I probably should have died, but this character was blessed. The final bit of luck was that Morgoth went easy on the magic so I didn't have to do a huge amount of healing and/or banishing summons. I think I only destructed once. Started out unloading eight wands of annihilation along with about a dozen arrows of slay evil, followed by quite a few more mundane seeker arrows. Mixed in the occasional banishment and healing. Eventually I intentionally drained all of my staffs (healing/banishment) and went to melee. I still had a good supply of healing potions and banishment scrolls so didn't miss the staffs. Anarion kept my stats up, and the earthquakes actually helped me by keeping the monsters he did summon out of LOS. Once again, my collection of supplies turned out to be overkill, but I always like to be prepared. :cool:

Killed all the uniques along the way. I think I found fewer artifacts than usual; this may be by design. Details found in ladder post here.

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