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Seravajan July 28, 2016 18:34

Poschengband 5 vs Win Defender
Windows Defender is recognizing Poschengband 5 as malware.

How to fix that issue? Excluding in the Win Defender setting does not work. it will not accept the exclude.

Pete Mack July 28, 2016 21:49

Recompile it with gcc. I have the necessary changes if you want them. (Someone else did a clean compile with Visual Studio that you can download.)

Seravajan July 29, 2016 21:32

Where can I grab the recompiled version?

Interesting Poschengband 5 does not even work with WINE on Linux.

Cold_Heart July 29, 2016 22:13

Why would you want to launch it with wine when you can just use the native linux binary? :confused:

HugoVirtuoso July 29, 2016 22:17

Linux binaries of PosChengband 5.x have to be compiled from scratch. Chris doesn't pre-compile Linux versions. :/

Cold_Heart July 29, 2016 22:21

It's almost trivial to build though.

ranger jeff August 1, 2016 22:16

I got PosChengband 5.0 to work on my Windows 8 machine with Windows Defender. Before downloading the install file go into Windows Defender settings and exclude Poschengband.exe (Defender will even read into the zip file and see Poschengband.exe in there.) You should have no problems after that.

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