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Holy_Rage January 10, 2019 05:53

Compiled version - Windows 10
Hello all,

Being a totally ignorant newt in tech matters, I tried to compile v2.3.11-ah and the most recent 2.4.0 in order to play Theme in Windows 10, with little success.

Any chance of getting detailed instructions on how to do it or have a link with a compiled zip version of the game?

Thank you in advance for your time.

Holy_Rage January 10, 2019 10:43

Oh, and I found a compiled Win version for 2.3.5 . It doesn't have Theme though, but here it is, for anyone that is tech-averse :)

Win version - Tome 2.3.5

Gauss April 22, 2019 18:21

I remember finding and playing a compiled 2.4.0 version for windows.
If i find it on my HDD i will share it.

Holy_Rage May 19, 2019 08:16

Thank you.

Gauss May 20, 2019 16:03

Actually didn't find it. Must have deleted it accidentally.
If i find something i will post it.

Gauss June 10, 2019 11:05

Found something:
Hope it helps.

judias June 16, 2019 19:47

Here there are two links, one to version 2.3.5 with theme and another to 2.4 although I do not like how it looks
I also have a 2.4 version with visuals like that I could send by mail

Holy_Rage July 23, 2019 23:49

Thank you both :)

HugoTheGreat2011 July 24, 2019 01:26

What's the Dale ToME2 module about? Where can we download it?

Yottle July 24, 2019 12:55


Originally Posted by HugoTheGreat2011 (Post 139339)
What's the Dale ToME2 module about? Where can we download it?

The only two modules I remember people playing were Theme and Fury. There were many others that were never finished.

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