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xorzac October 3, 2016 18:15

I had +28 from song, +51 melee total. I had items which boosted melee further. I also kicked the living tar fast out of the trolls.

xorzac October 3, 2016 18:17


Originally Posted by wobbly (Post 113194)
If I'm adding the numbers up right crew blow is 2% chance for 3 crits rising to 50% chace at 5 crits in 1.3 against Morgoth.

I think it took 17 rounds for me (I looked for when the crown dropped to when he died) to take him with Anaruth & Orcrist at around that level of melee & song, though I had a fair bit more evasion & will.

Cruel blow increases critical in later versions??? Your post is confusing.

wobbly October 3, 2016 19:03

Sorry. Cruel blow is 4xlevel of critical (e.g. !=4,!!=8,!!!=12 etc.). Morgoth is will 20. Opposed d10 rolls. E.g. d10+no. of critcalsx4 vs d10+will 20.

So 3 crits(!!!) & morgoth rolls 1(10%) for 20+1 you'd need to roll 10(10%) for 10+12 (so actually 1%)
I was probably off for 5 crits as that's d10+20 vs d10+20 & draws probably go to the defender (40%?, I'll let you do the maths here)

That's Sil 1.3, I'm not searching out the old sil 1.1 manual to check

xorzac October 3, 2016 21:30

He still has 20 will & cruel blow looks the same.

If at +50 w/ slay included, avg. +30 against his evade. So 30/4.5 = 7. 7th lvl of crit on avg. I'd say it's likely he will get confused at some point.

xorzac October 3, 2016 22:13

So I have slaying up to +43, and have hit 12! against several troll guards. Pretty sick!

xorzac October 3, 2016 22:19

9 rounds. Highest crit was 10!, lowest was 4. He was confused entire time. Hit me twice. I didn't even bother to use quickness lol. First swing had a +38 slay to it.

Turn 5217. Easily could have knocked over 100 off that but I thought I found fingon but it was the crap one - bleh.

debo October 4, 2016 01:29

In 1.2 and beyond, V gets a bonus to will when the crown is knocked off.

Freeya August 16, 2018 09:26

I attempted this earlier today, though version 1.1.1. Got to +94 melee (the slay bonus) with 48 song, a 1d17 weapon (counting +dmg), subtlety. 2 rounds, 3 hits total. Could be rng, but it looks to me like it could be done. My numbers certainly could be improved. Was amusing to see so many ! that the name of the enemy disappears. I one shot a couple uniques and 2 of the horrors toward the peak.

Oh I misread the title. Well it looks like he might be killable in 1 round if done correctly and lucky.

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