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Ycombinator November 21, 2010 18:05

[YAWP] Half-troll rogue
Dund, Half-Troll Rogue

Half-trolls are incredibly powerful at the beginning, and advance fast, ready to whip to death anything on their way, but this game wasn't short of intense moments.

What I like about the early game is that situation takes time to develop. In the late game it's usually fast and brutal: got careless and died a moment later, or risked and got insta-killed. In the early game you can have dead @ walking because of the decisions you've made hundred turns earlier. Ambush, pursuit, despair, and miraculous saving by reading unIDed scroll rarely, if ever, happen in the late game.

The oddest thing in the whole game was dungeon books: I've found Raal's at dlvl 8, Mordenkainen's at dlvl 18, and Tenser's at dlvl 20! But I haven't found MB5 until dlvl 45 and MB9 until dlvl 83.

I had plenty of speed from the beginning, BoS +4 from the store as early as clvl 11 (recall dlvl 12), and by the time I've found the first RoS at dlvl 69 I had already had +15 speed or so. A bit later I've found +12 speed randart boots so speed wasn't an issue at all. Those boots boosted charisma as well, so I ended up with +34 CHR bonus a very cute troll!

But I wasn't so lucky with weapons. In the final fight with 84*5=420 damage/round vs evil that was the worst melee weapon I've ever used against Morgoth. Still, I've used only 6 out of 20 !*Healing*, 2 out of 3 !Life, and maybe a dozen of !Healing and !CCW each, so I clearly was overprepared.

The best weapon I could find (and one of the best I've ever seen even in spoilers):

The Scythe of Slicing of Astelpion (13d4) (+25,+27) [+40]
+3 strength, intelligence, dexterity, charisma.
Slays animals, evil creatures, orcs, giants.
*Slays* dragons, demons, undead.
Provides immunity to lightning, fire.
Provides resistance to cold, fear, light, chaos.
Cannot be harmed by acid, electricity, fire, cold.
Prevents paralysis.  Sustains your life force. 

When activated, it bestows upon you berserk rage, bless, and resistance.
Takes 172 to 252 turns to recharge.

Min Level 96, Max Level 127, Generation chance 10, Power 747, 25.0 lbs

Anyway, this is my first sub-500k win. The race choice probably has a lot to do with it, at least I don't expect my next, let's say, kobold, to go anywhere nearly as fast.

Magnate November 21, 2010 18:13

Nice scythe - looks like it was actually Bladeturner, though activations have been random for a while so it could be a coincidence. But with all three *slays* and two immunities, plus slay_evil and slay_animal it must have been: power 747 is way beyond anything else (Vilya is 2nd most powerful at about 600).

Derakon November 24, 2010 18:18

Yeesh, 92 per-blow damage vs. evil before taking into account alternate sources of +dam. You must've diced Morgy good.

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