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kaypy May 24, 2011 16:06


Originally Posted by Magnate (Post 53270)
Well, we did say we were aiming to make the game harder ...

So we have no-artifact games and no-ego games, I guess no-food is the logical progression 8-)

I wonder if flasks of oil no longer fill lanterns.
That was my immediate thought when I figured pvals weren't being set, too. (As mentioned above, no they don't)

Magnate May 24, 2011 16:39


Originally Posted by d_m (Post 53271)
I have also committed a terrible hack which makes food work--by using o_ptr->kind->pvals[DEFAULT_PVAL].base, which *is* correct. I am fine with someone working on the "right" fix but I'd like to get this into a nightly ASAP so that baby warriors don't starve to death left and right!

Ew! That's going to go awry if anyone uses a random_value for food. Simplest semi-permanent fix is to add this section that kaypy suggested to the end of object_prep, immediately after the stanza dealing with wand and staff charges:

/* Default oil/food */
        if (o_ptr->tval == TV_FLASK || o_ptr->tval == TV_FOOD) {
                o_ptr->pval[DEFAULT_PVAL] = randcalc(k->pval[DEFAULT_PVAL], lev, rand_aspect);

jens May 24, 2011 17:04

Yepp, oil flasks don't fill lanterns. But torches fill torches, and scroll of satisfy hunger is abundant, so the game works fine ;-)

myshkin May 25, 2011 00:19

Fixes for lantern filling/stomach filling, for circular room wall lighting, and for the Trident of Ulmo description are now available in the latest build.

Antoine May 25, 2011 04:49

I hesitate to argue from realism, but I believe there is thematic support for food providing nutrition. Certainly there is a long tradition in roguelikes for players being able to complete the game without starving to death and I believe there would be strong resistance to changing this.

~pls no rage!!!


Derakon May 25, 2011 05:15

On the flipside, consider: now waybread is a useful poison cure!

(You're beautiful, Antoine. Never change.)

buzzkill May 25, 2011 06:06


Originally Posted by Antoine (Post 53296)
~pls no rage!!!


I seem to recall a long tradition of being able to starve to death without completing the game.

scud May 25, 2011 12:07


Originally Posted by myshkin (Post 53196)
Priests no longer get Study(1) after learning all spells

Good good. Having played a paladin for the first time in years I was wondering what I was missing out on.

Playing 7 May, I noticed the heat/cold resistance prayer's expiries weren't synced. The magic caster's 'resistance' spell's expiries *are* synced, which someone actively changed in the last six months or so. Can the same be done for heat/cold?

It makes the 'resting up' process so much more pleasurable if you only have to acknowledge a slow down and a single 'no longer resistant to' message.

scud May 25, 2011 12:08


Originally Posted by buzzkill (Post 53300)
I seem to recall a long tradition of being able to starve to death without completing the game.

You have no more Potions of Coffee. You have no more Wands of Carcenogen.

jens May 25, 2011 17:41

Level feelings
Bug: No delay for feelings, so stairscumming for better levels is fast and easy... Which might be good while establishing thresholds...

A first sample (by memory):

At dlvl 9, get the object feeling: "you feel a little lucky."
Found lying on floor: Wand of Dragon's Breath, Short Bow of Extra Shots
All other object feelings have been bored or dull.

Monster feelings have been mostly peaceful/safe, and once a faintly uneasy. The faintly uneasy (dlvl 8 or 9) had OoD pseudo dragon, and wormtounge and lagduf. Of course here it's harder to know if all were there from the start...

Intitial impression:
Both obj/mon thresholds for the earlier feelings at lower dlvs could probably be lowered a little bit.

It will take a while to find these thresholds, but to make the process a little quicker: how about reducing the number of feelings for the moment. With fewer thresholds to establish the work will be done faster, and then we can add more in between again if wanted.

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