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sown May 3, 2020 00:54

Can the sil-q tutorial actually be beaten?
I've been close to beating sil 5 times now, and yet I still see no way to actually beat the tutorial. The fire drakes scare you so much you can't fire any arrows, and fighting them up close just kills you. Any attempt at stealth or running is also met with death. Has anyone actually beaten it? Where does it lead?

Archenoth May 5, 2020 18:59

I'm not sure if it differs from Sil's tutorial, but that one is possible!

It was pretty tricky, but having the game taunt me with "you'll probably die" did make me feel a bit extra motivated to, well, not do that.

I ended up finishing it by trying to take out the two guards at the front with arrows, failing that pretty miserably, retreating through the corridors and fighting the two now-aware enemies one-by-one, and then using stealth afterwards to hug the walls until I was close enough to make a break for the stairs. (Now free of shouting guards who would likely wake up the terrors past the door.)

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