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SethaWetha October 3, 2020 18:34

[FrogComposband] Heaven and Hell?
I've seen on the ladder a lot of people have been to Heaven and Hell. I've beaten the Serpent, completed all my quests, and finished every dungeon, but I still have no idea how to get there. I'm kind of thinking you'd get there after you retire your game but I don't want to risk that.

CyclopsSlayer October 3, 2020 19:36

They used to be just dungeons on the overland map. Not really sure when they were removed/hidden. They started very deep, about L500? Deeper?
I never really poked around in there in Poscheng very much, and never at all in Frog.

SethaWetha October 3, 2020 19:51

Oh they got added on the corners of the map I just didn't see. Thanks!

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