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wobbly April 21, 2017 19:23

Move SinA to early in the will tree
So I tested Strength in Adversity out in the early game by starting with it on a Belegost & the ability works absolutely fine just as is. The trouble is that it's normally coming in when fighting below 1/2 health is simply not viable. Yes I can start with it but only by sacrificing so much melee & evasion as to make it a challenge run. My suggestion is that it belongs at around the same pt as hardiness, potentially as a twin to hardness (so the grace bonus can sometimes push will to 12 & protection to 1d2).

Patashu April 22, 2017 03:58

Now that's a suggestion I can get behind! I never thought of SinA from this viewpoint. Maybe we could see it in mpa-sil?

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