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Hajo May 5, 2013 12:40

Yanotavar, formerly known as Iso-Angband
My successor project for Iso-Angband doesn't feature an isometric display anymore, so it seemed wrong to keep developing under the name of Iso-Angband. Since I'm bad at inventing names, I gave the project the working title Yanotavar - Yet Another Angband Variant.

I opened a new thread under the new title to continue the discussion from Iso-Angband ( ) under the new project name

The project goals are much the same which I had before, just without the requirement of using an isometric display:

- World representation by shape+color combinations
- Depth illusion by stacked graphics

The idea the close to traditional text mode, where colored ASCII symbols are used to display the game's world, just that I want to replace the ASCII symbols by shapes which resemble the shape of the represented objects. I want to keep it quite abstract, and "realistic" graphics are not a primary goal (although I have to admit, the screenshot below isn't looking very abstract - monsters and items will be outlined shapes though, and much less detailed that the rooms and walls). "Good looking" is a goal though, whatever this means :p

To give the illusion of depth, these shapes will partially overlap. This also allows to condense the map display in one direction, offering more information in the same space.

At the moment the map display looks like this:

There are almost all graphics missing, but I have a lot of reusable graphics from Iso-Angand, which I can adjust and include, it will just need a while.

The project now also got a home at Sourceforge:

Hajo May 5, 2013 20:19

I found a solution for displaying directional doors (not perfect but should do in 90% of the cases). Also I think I could fix the direction input problem - if you use the keypad to move the player and the arrow keys to move in menus, it should work. Otherwise I'll need to find another solution. The extra terms work now, too, with the exception that map display will only work in the first "Angband" term. Fonts can be switched between two sizes, too, for each term.

Finally, the display code now draws a fake shadow under items and monsters. If you don't like the shadow, you can taggle it on/off with Scroll-Lock (one of the last unused keys it seemed :p)

There are still lots of graphics missing, and things to be improved, but I think the code should be complete enough to run test games. Well, two times I had crashes which I couldn't reproduce, so there are lurking bugs in my code, still. I'll try and see if I can find those.

d_m May 5, 2013 21:29

This looks really great!

Hajo May 6, 2013 21:40


I've continued to tinker with the display code, and configured more items and monsters to show graphics. Also I could fix at least one reason for the strange crashes which I had experienced.

The thing in the middle of the room is a grey mold, the round thing down-right is a wicker shield. The graphics must be learned, but all molds share this image, also all shields. They differ in color though so you can quickly tell "this is a mold" once you saw one, and then tell them apart in the group by color. I took the freedom the separate all shields by color, in the original Angband 3.4.1 config some shields had the same colors (and the same character).

I hope this won't confuse players - the wicker shield is now orange instead of light umber, and the large metal shield is now light grey instead of mid grey.

PS: The shiny wall segments to the left are quartz veins. The dark, rubble-like wall top-right of the room is a magma vein.

Hajo May 7, 2013 11:16

I have put together a first public release. It's still very incomplete, and it's likely to have a lot of quirks and bugs, since it's so little tested. Many graphics are missing and will show as letters, unfortunately most of them are shown about ten pixels too high, but the ground shdow will indicate where something actually is. Because I want to replace all the letters with graphics anyways, I didn't spend time to align them properly (alignment was right for Iso-Angband which had different ground tiles).

Download, Windows version (5mb):

It shoudl compile for Linux too, but I haven't tried that yet. I'd think it's enough to cd into "src" directory and type "make". You need developer versions of SDL, libpng and libz installed to compile it.

Movement, aiming and such work correctly if you use the numpad keys. To navigate in game menues, you'll have to use the arrow keys. Maybe I can improve this some day, but for this preview it seemed to be 'good enough' - at least you can run around a bit and get a feel what this display frontend might be like.

Hajo May 8, 2013 21:17

Since the last release I have added a lot of low level monster graphics, and the town population should be all-graphic now. Also, the wall display got a small improvement:

There are still about 95% or more of the item and monster graphics missing, so you will find a lot of letters, too.

Download, Windows version (5mb):

Hajo May 9, 2013 17:11

Slowly it begins to looks a bit better.

- Dungeon wall and floor shades are now of the same darkness level
- Torchlight also lights walls yellow (Torch light option is off by default)
- Stairs are now light umber to make them stand out more
- There are more floor variations now
- Removed the "Options" buttons which was mostly meaningless in conjunction with the new display

Download, Windows version (5mb):

Known problems:

- Scrawny cat graphics doesn't show, just the shadow

Derakon May 9, 2013 17:17

This looks nice. :) Keep it up!

Hajo May 11, 2013 12:28


Originally Posted by Derakon (Post 80002)
This looks nice. :)

Thanks :)

I've published a new version. It features a slightly redesigned game menu with a new button style, and better use of screenspace, as well as some new item and monster graphics.

Windows version, 5mb:

PS: I like the scroll title "singus pro" from the screenshot, and I'm curious if that is a priest chant, :p

LostTemplar May 12, 2013 19:11

Looks cool !

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