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Grotug November 22, 2018 20:23

Holy Moly shooting speed!
I just stumbled upon a HT-Ranger *WINNER* dump on the ladder and my oh my was this ranger a lucky ranger!

Let's start with the bow. It's a good bow. Not amazing, but a very good bow for being an ego bow. One of the better ego bows I've seen X5 (+20, +23) and pStun.

Okay, now onto the equipment. Between all his equipment he has 4 extra shots! That means 6 extra shots total because he's over CL40 bringing his total shots per round to 7. Jeezus, that is something. And this is not with the new shots system; this is with the old shots system.

So how much damage per round were his holy might arrows doing? Oh, you know, a cool 3122 per round, and he had two sets of holy might arrows. I am just, man, and I think I am lucky in this game.

Huqhox November 23, 2018 09:45

That's not a bow; that's a machine gun

Sphara November 23, 2018 12:06

I wonder how many hit dice would a melee weapon need to have to reach that average damage against Morgoth? With 6+4 attacks, (+20, +23), slay evil and (+2, +0) additional slaying? :D

Derakon November 23, 2018 17:07


Originally Posted by Huqhox (Post 134475)
That's not a bow; that's a machine gun

If I recall correctly, there's 100,000 game turns per day. Assuming an Earth-style day, that means each game turn is about .86 seconds. That character had a speed of 20, so they were normally acting once every 3.33 game turns ~= 2.88 seconds. But when firing their bow they only use 1/7th of that ~= .41 seconds per shot. That gives a sustained firing speed of 146 shots per minute.

For comparison, the first Gatling gun achieved around 200 rounds per minute in its larger caliber. How a bullet compares to a Slay Evil arrow in terms of damage per shot is a little tricky to suss out though. :)

Pete Mack November 23, 2018 17:18

...and it only shows unhasted speed. His actual speed in big fights would be nearly 1/3 higher.

OverlySensitiveHalfTroll November 23, 2018 19:41


Originally Posted by Huqhox (Post 134475)
That's not a bow; that's a machine gun

This reminds me of playing Daikatana, at the third episode (medieval Norway)
At that point in the game, the character would be so leveled up that the crossbow would behave more like a semi-automatic gun xDDDD As much as that game is hated, there's an interesting vibe to it, check it out. But don't watch too much videos before playing or else will ruin all the surprises along the way.

Grotug November 23, 2018 23:01

I've never played Daikatana, but I sure do love the levels Romero made for Doom!

Zikke November 25, 2018 05:23

Didn't the max shots/round get capped after that?

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