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petvan December 8, 2018 18:40

HE Ranger In Tough Spot
Hi All,

Bit new to 4.1 (probably have a version that needs an update too but that's another story)

As seen in my dump, I am lvl 29 but got there mostly via an exp potion I found, so my kit is still pretty weak.

I bumped into a ninja or similar and my str was reduced down to 4 - I was lazy and missed the fact he was str draining.

So now I'm speed -12, long way from leveling and as far as I know, need a level or a +str potion to restore.

Going down to dlvl 1000-1500 with -12 and my kit is an exercise in teleporting. Was thinking best chance was find a safe life drainer and get drained down to previous level then try and work back up? Any other tips?


(dump to follow)

Monkey Face December 8, 2018 18:58

You can also get your strength back up with a potion of Brawn.

petvan December 8, 2018 19:25

Thanks, did know that. Crisis averted faster than expected. Found a vampire willing to help out.

Still think restore potions would be nice to have (most of my time as been on 3.x, still getting used to nuances in 4.1)


luneya December 8, 2018 19:46

Mushrooms of Vigor still exist. I generally hoard those in my house, so that whenever I'm too badly stat drained to continue playing normally, I can simply recall and fix it instantly. They're not super common, but you should find enough to last out the game if you save them for when you really need a stat restore.

Derakon December 8, 2018 20:54


Originally Posted by petvan (Post 134779)
Still think restore potions would be nice to have (most of my time as been on 3.x, still getting used to nuances in 4.1)

You're not the only one to have felt this way; the change to stat-drain was controversial, to say the least. I think most people either got used to it, gave up fighting, or quit the community over the issue.

I will say that the lack of easy access to stat restoration makes Dreads a lot more scary. It also makes stat sustains substantially more valuable. Otherwise, I think most players just learn to hoard Mushrooms of Restoration in case they get badly-drained.

Muscleguy January 3, 2019 13:52

Found out something interesting I'd never noticed before (being playing since the early '90s). I'm playing a half troll paladin and his Int was 3 and he kept getting Int drained and it just turned he 3 yellow. I hadn't ever realised you cannot go below 3 in a stat. At least in 4.0.4.

You learn new things in Angband trying new combinations. I'd never run a half troll before. The early game is really fun as he is so tough and resilient and hits really hard. He's pretty good now, necklace of sustenance, immune to frost and electricity, holds life, resistant to both Chaos and Disenchant, been killing ringwraithes with ease.

After Rangers and Mages not being able to rely on prayers or devices is a bit frustrating but he's better than he used to be and I've got his Int up maxed at 18/110 so not bad. Feeling interested in this combo. Playing randarts, got bored with the same old relics, love what it does to even Ego weapons.

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