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wobbly December 7, 2015 17:27

Final Fights: What do I still need?
Well I'm a couple of dungeon levels short of the final bosses & it's been so long (& many versions) since I've played this far that I'm a little unsure what I'm missing. Obviously at least another 2 clvls if I'm going to use mana storm, what else?

Raajaton December 7, 2015 19:13

The only thing I would recommend is getting a little more speed. You'll want to be around +30 speed when buffed, which you can keep active with Haste Self from mb4. You should have enough Restore Mana potions to keep the DPS flowing with Mana Storm and Banish as needed. Normally I like to have more *Healing* consumables, however I always find that I get to the fight with way more than I end up needing anyway.

Estie December 7, 2015 20:12

I like me my ESP, too. Maybe take out another GV or 2, that should yield better speed items and very likely some more upgrades. The armor for example is easy to improve on.

wobbly December 11, 2015 08:00

Hmm, well I can do 30 speed if I shuffle some gear, I'd lose the con ring to the serpent ring but I'll probably have to do that anyway unless I find a new source of rdark. Half-troll too, so probably can live without the con ring. Got Thranduil for telepathy too but Holheneth is my source of RConf so unless I find a new source that might not work. I dropped a magi cloak with telepathy at an earlier stage of the game, I'm now thinking that might of been a mistake.

luneya December 12, 2015 00:43

RConf isn't essential for a mage. The only things that can deliver confusion status every turn are melee attacks, and as a mage you should be staying out of melee range anyway. Just chug a cure potion whenever you get confused (keep some CSW or CCW around for when you need to clear confusion but your hp are fine). And keep a staff of either teleport or destruction for those rare occasions when you do get forced into melee with confusion-inflicters.

And yes, dropping that magi cloak was a big mistake. There aren't a lot of cloaks in the game that would be preferable to that one. And although you can get telepathy on helms and amulets, you're more likely to find other good things for those slots than for the cloak slot.

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