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Bill Peterson June 4, 2020 19:22

Confusing behavior regarding save directories
I've been having an issue where the various Angband versions I have installed get confused about where save files are located.

Downloaded and started the new 4.2.1 version, selecting "Open" shows nothing in the save directory. Created a new druid character and looked at tiles. Shut Angband down. Restarted and "Open" now points to the 4.2.0 save directory. ??

This is not something new or confined to recent Vanilla releases, I've had the same thing happen with AngbandTk. I can change the directory in the open dialog but this shouldn't be happening.

Sky June 5, 2020 07:53

got reported already @Nick doesn't care
you know i love you Nick, right?

Nick June 5, 2020 09:53

It's not that I don't care, but more that I don't have any control over whatever Windows weirdness is causing this.

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