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nppangband September 17, 2011 01:37

Announce: NPP 0.5.3
NPP 0.5.3 has been finalized. This is mostly fixing bugs and adding a couple minor improvements and refinements to the NP 0.5.x series. The links are:

A windows binary can be downloaded here:

The official announcement can be viewed at:

And the complete changelist for NPP 0.5.3 can be viewed at:

Thanks to all who helped with NPPAngband, through participation, playtesting, suggestions, and bug reports.

nppangband September 18, 2011 17:27

Camb has created a mac binary, available here:

I don't have a mac (yet), but I as understand it the way this version was compiled, it will use the same folder and some of the same files as vanilla, so they may interfere with each other.

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